Buying, Selling & Renting Antiques & Curiosities


Buying, Selling & Renting Antiques & Curiosities

Industrial lamps


5000m2 showroom

Glass cabinets

Buying * Selling * renting Antiques & Curiosities 

We sell a large assortment of old building materials. At least 500 old doors and more than 1000 shutters in stock. Large collection of antique furniture and old shop fittings. We do not sell repro trade everything is authentic. We also rent items for the conditions. There is a small part of our collection on the website. So there is a lot more visit us in Aalsmeer.

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Maandag tweede pinksterdag geopend

Wij zijn op Maandag 6-6 geopend van 12:00-16:00 uur! Kom ons dus gezellig bezoeken in Aalsmeer. Tot dan!

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New arrivals march 2019

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Coming soon!

style New arrivals begin march!, in condition for sale in latest news | Burbri

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